Day 5 = Zombie Day

We Came. We Saw. We Conquered. Then we collapsed into a heap.

That's what happens after a Disney Vacation. I may go once a year (or so), but I still believe I have to have every moment planned out. Which is great...on paper. In's just hard.

Saturday, February 12th at Hollywood Studios - 8a-12n

The day started the same as the last few. Up early, breakfast of champions, to the park. We had to get there early to go to Toy Story Mania. Cause the lines are crazy. We moved like gazelles and got in line for the ride. 15 minute wait and Fastpasses for later in the day and we were good to go. I'm happy to say I was victorious in both games!! Yes, pictures were taken. No, Scott didn't take the news well.

We had decided to go to Lights, Motors, Action and then head out for lunch. It wasn't quite time for the show, so we went to see the Muppets. Bad idea. We were both so very exhausted, so a dark theatre was bad. We didn't completely fall asleep, but we came close.

After Lights, Motors, Action, we went to ESPN Zone to meet up with Elvir. We didn't expect to have another rep lunch, but we had to get a check for the Universal tickets. Plus, it was nice to see Elvir a second time.

Before we knew it, the trip was over. We were a bit battered (my nerve-damaged leg and the cold that hit on the flight home, Scott's wooziness) and completely ready to drop, but I don't think either of us could imagine another way for our trip to end. I mean, I've been saying for weeks that it'll take a few days to recover from the vacation. It's just difficult when it's all actually happened. But as always, the planning for the next trip is underway (Feb/13 - Keys to the Kingdom Tour!!). The planning is always underway. I just need a good night's sleep first.


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