What Happened to My Vacation Countdown??

I haven't been counting down. I normally count down to a vacation. But there was this little storm that came through the other day. Snowmageddon. It was memorable. Snowmageddon trapped people in their cars (not me) and their houses (me). 20+ inches came. And everyone had to deal with the result. It took a day, but things are starting to get back to normal. Sadly, today was mind-numbingly cold. -9, I think. It's the cold that makes me take the shuttle to the office. I don't take the shuttle to the office. But I did today.

Because of Snowmageddon and the upcoming Florida trip, I keep obsessively checking Weather.com (and various other websites). How does Monday look in Chicago?? Will I get out of town?? What's the weather going to be when we're down there?? How warm?? How much sun?? Will it rain?? Please don't rain. One site says it's going to rain. The other says it won't. I asked one of my reps today to walk outside and shake his fist at the heavens. I hope he did. I can handle the temperatures in the 60s. I don't think I can handle the rain. I need the sun. I desperately need the sun!!

Happily, the last of the items for the trip have come through. My Disney tickets are at Will Call!! Now all I need to do is to print everything out (tomorrow at work) and have everything ready for Monday. Sure, there's the whole packing thing. And the Mani/Pedi. But definitely the packing. That's another story, though...


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