The Day Before...

The suitcase is out. Nothing's in the suitcase, but it's out. Well...there are piles around the house. There are the bunch of liquids in the Ziploc quart-sized bag. There are the clothes in the laundry. There are the piles of clothes that are ready to go. There are piles of electronics and their cords. All of these things have to eventually be put in the suitcase. They will just might take a little bit of time.

Clothing seems to be the biggest problem. The rest of the stuff...I can get past that. Everything's always the same. Shampoo, Conditioner, Saline Solution, Toothpaste. It's in the same place every time. All I have to do is pull out the baggie. But the clothing...that's the biggest issue. I'm leaving 20 degree weather. I understand 20 degree weather right now. But I'm going to weather that can be in the 70's during the day and the 40's during the evening. The problem is that I don't remember what 70 degrees feels like. Or even 40 degrees. It sounds stupid, I understand. But I don't remember. I know in my head that 70's is warm. And I will like it very much. And I think it's short-sleeved weather. But there are some days in the 60's. And I just can't remember if 60 degrees is short-sleeved weather. I don't know if it's a short attention span or if I just block out the previous season (I know I block out Winters, but I never thought I blocked out Summers!!). So I have 4 t-shirts ready to go. And two pair of jeans. I think I need some heavier clothes. Cardigans?? Lord knows I have plenty of those. The weather changes could be in the mid-70's. It could be 59 degrees. Maybe I need a long sleeved t-shirt...or a sweatshirt. I don't have a sweatshirt. ARGH!! It's moderately stressful.

The other stress is the knowledge that I need to get up pretty early tomorrow morning. And Glee is on late tonight. It's the same thing every time...the alarm will go off early, I will worry about missing the alarm, so I won't sleep well and will get up earlier than I expected. Dad will show up to take me to the airport (or train station, this time) and I will be worried for no particular reason. I know the time I don't worry is the time I don't wake up in time. So I guess it's good to worry. Waking up early is not good because I won't sleep on the plane (or train) and by the time we get to Orlando and check into the hotel, I'll have been up for freaking ever. Knowing that Orlando is always a GOGOGOGOGOGOGOGOGOGO kind of vacation...I'm already at a disadvantage.

My's like a complete bitch session. I don't mean it to be. Truth is, I am completely jazzed about Florida. I look forward to sunshine and warmth and the theme parks. It'll be the first time I go to Kennedy Space Center (maybe 2nd time...did we go in '86??). It'll be the first chance to see Harry Potter at Universal. And three (and a half) days at Disney!! Woo Hoo!! Plus, a few station dinners and a trip to the Orlando Magic game!! And my new camera!! I could not be more excited. The day before is just always a little stressful. Plus, Monday, there will be a day of work. Well...half-ish day. As long as I can get the Baltimore buy finalized, I'm good. Because Florida beckons. I want to hug a character. I want to wear a Wizard's Hat. I want to twirl. It's been far too long since I've twirled in front of Cinderella's Castle. It's time to twirl again...


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