I Just Had to Watch Glee Last Night

Monday Night - Feb 7th

So very tired. I blame Glee. Or I guess I could blame the Super Bowl. Without the Super Bowl, it would have been a normal Sunday night. But because of the Super Bowl, Glee was on. Late. Apparently, FOX did not get the memo that I had to get up at 4a to get ready for the day. And I couldn't NOT watch Glee. That's almost un-American. So I did. I watched. I loved. Then I tried desperately to sleep. I don't know about other people, but when you try desperately to sleep, you never will. Ever. So I didn't. Or at least not well.

My biggest concern was getting to the office in the morning. A big suitcase. A crowded train. Snowy streets. These aren't things that go well together. So I tried to take a super early train in the hopes it wouldn't be as crowded. And it wasn't!! Yay!! I also decided that walking the 1.5 miles to the office with rolling luggage was not the best choice. Cab Time!!

The day itself was non-eventful. Just counting down until I was ready to hit the road. Sure, I probably left the office a little early. I probably didn't have to check my luggage. But there are 45 minutes left before boarding. I feel more relaxed than I have been in a while and I don't care. Sigh...vacation...Florida...warmth...sun...Sigh...


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