Day 3 - Put a Bird on It

If you put a bird on something, it's art!!

Thursday, February 10th at Magic Kingdom - 815a-830p

I can sometimes be a moron. I know it's a hard thing to realize, but sometimes it happens. Like when a sign says "Location You Want to Go - Turn Right" and I look at it an think, "Here??" Nevermind that you're going to the Magic Kingdom and the road is labeled "World Drive" Nah...I'd much rather go past that exit, cause I'm sure there was another one. Nope. That was 15 minutes of my life I'm never going to get back now.

So we hit MK a little later than expected. We still spent 12 hours at the park. Unfortunately, MK day was a little on the gray side. Scratch that. The rainy side. It would go from drizzly/spitty (ok to be outside) to downpour (need to take refuge in Haunted Mansion and The Hall of Presidents). But it was the first day at Disney!! No matter what, we would be happy!!

We had done just about everything in 2009, so it wasn't a mad dash to get to all of the rides. It was a little more leisurely. We got Fantasyland out of the way first thing (Extra Magic Hours!!) and then bopped around all willy-nilly. A big chunk of what we were going to do depended on the rain. Hall of Presidents?? It wasn't necessarily on the list, but the downpour changed our minds. I will be very happy to say that though I lost the first matchup for Buzz Lightyear, I did crush in the second. Oh, it was glorious.

This day was a little more leisurely due to the beginning of the exhaustion time. While we weren't falling over (Saturday), we were starting to feel the effects of the trip. Scott was a little woozy from the Harry Potter experience the day before. The nerve damage in my leg was highly problematic when I wanted to get up or sit down on a ride. And this was not due to age. It's due to my unfortunate painting injury. Stupid paint...

Today was also where the phrase "Put a bird on it" really came into its own. Sure, I was trying to get it to work yesterday, but it really took hold today. could be sweeping the nation. The phrase came from an episode of Portlandia. "If you put a bird on something, it's art!" Scott was taking pictures with the Hipstamatic app on his iPhone. Turning it black and white and coming at it with an angle shot made it art. Hence, "Put a bird on it" became code for "Take a B&W picture."'s the little things.

We saw two parades, a castle show and two nighttime spectaculars. Wishes. I do love Wishes. And luckily, we were able to duck and weave to the exit after Wishes was over. We made great time and were able to get back to the hotel in time to see Parks and Rec and 30 Rock. We did that last time too. Tradition!!


  1. It makes me want to go back to Orlando... And do more stuff!


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